Global Monitoring of Marine Fuels and Machine Condition

DATE Mar - 4 - 2013

The “Shipping, Marine and Ports World” has published in its Dec 2012-Jan 2013 issue, an article written by Dr. Helene Gutman (CTO, Xenemetrix Ltd.). The article presents: The use of EDXRF analytical method systems that enable fleet management to optimize bunkering and machine maintenance.

The new sulfur emission regulations for ocean going vessels present a serious challenge for the maritime industry. Lower sulfur content in the fuel oil causes increased machine wear. Therefore exact and frequent measurements of the sulfur and wear metal concentrations on each vessel is desirable to avoid legal infractions and unnecessary machine wear. This article presents the use of analytical method systems that enable the fleet management to optimize also for bunkering and machine maintenance.

This article also discusses the solutions for the mentioned control and monitoring of fuels and machine, based on Xenemetrix’s Petro-Marine system.

Helene S Gutman, PhD
CTO, Xenemetrix Ltd

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