XRF Applications

Metal & Ore Applications

Metal is an important material in modern manufacturing and metal products are used everywhere. Metals represent a broad group of applications that are generally ideal for XRF.

Almost all elements in every step of the process from ores to finished alloys can be excited and measured by XRF. Scrap metals are usually sorted by XRF as well, where the hand help instruments are a practical choice.

Thanks to the XRF non-destructive elemental analysis almost all elements in every step of the process from ores to finished alloys can be excited and measured:

  • Alloy Analysis- Alloy analysis using Xenemetrix spectrometers has become standard practice .Our spectrometers identify most alloys and complete chemical analysis in a few seconds.
    You can use our high-level spectrometers for quick and easy differentiation and identification for all classes of alloy including: Iron, steel – low alloy and carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, bronze, aluminum bronze, leaded brass and bronze, aluminum, nickel alloys, zinc alloys, cobalt alloys, titanium alloys , solders- tin, lead, and silver.
  • Precious Metals- Precious metals are today of interest for jewelry, industrial use, and investment. With Xenemetrix X-PMA bench-top spectrometer ,these can be detected and tested for content and purity with very low operational costs and no need for sample preparations. The essential advantage of using Xenemetrix X-PMA analyzer is high precision and high accuracy. Thanks to the X-PMA analyzer it possible to determine the content of the item offered for sale and its karat value within seconds.
  • Ores, Slags, Feeds, Concentrates, and Tailings- EDXRF plays a role at each step of the metal making process. Major and minor components are analyzed with EDXRF instruments, and can even be measured on-line in many cases.
  • Silicon Metal- Silicon is an important metal in the semiconductor industry, and high purity is demanded. EDXRF is often used to monitor high silicon sands for impurities, and can be used throughout the refining process and through wafer production. Specialized high performance EDXRF equipment is designed for wafer analysis.
  • Metal Foil Thickness- There seems to be a use for foils made from every conceivable elemental metal. The thickness of thin foils can be measured by EDXRF, and this application can be done on line.

You can find ED-XRF spectrometers at xenemetrix.com